About Us

Find out who we are, our vision and mission.

About Us

        SANOVU Dental GmbH was founded in Düsseldorf, the capital of the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen. In order to meet the demands of all units in the dental industry, our company provides the highest-quality, fastest, and safest solutions possible. Our company accommodates a wide variety of brands and products from across the world, many of which are notably our own brands and goods.

        SANOVU Dental GmbH is a joint venture formed by a combination of 25 years of dental industry expertise, manufacturing, dynamism, and innovation. The foundation of our organization is based on the experience of our founders, who have worked in this industry for more than a quarter-century, and the unwavering trust that comes with that experience. Our company has signed agreements for manufacturing activities in multiple locations around Europe as of the day of its foundation. Having faith in the realistic goals of our producers, the market, and all our partners, our Company, as well as the experiences of our partners, is the driving force behind the strong and confident growth of our company.

Vision and Mission

        On the basis of its experience in the dental industry, SANOVU Dental GmbH aims to establish itself as a major player in Europe and eventually the rest of the world. Our founders decided to expand their goals to Europe with a new synergy following their previous achievements in establishing their local firms among the largest in their nations.

        It is the objective of SANOVU Dental GmbH to introduce affordable, high-quality products to the dental industry and to develop innovative solutions to long-standing problems. Therefore, the company keeps a close eye on new advances in technology, and regularly informs all of its employees and business partners on recent developments.

About Us

SANOVU Dental GmbH, which is based in Düsseldorf, provides solutions for all natural and legal entities operating in the dental industry. We manufacture both our own brands and those for whom we act as distributors, as well as selling and distributing their products.

Corporate Structure

Our company, which is planned to be established under the Dr. Müller brand, has achieved its present global and multi-partnership designation in a short period of time through extensive investments.

Manufacture and Sales

We incorporate all of the Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontic products, especially Dental Implantology technologies and dental implants.

Vision and Mission

It is our vision to provide the dental industry with high-quality items at accessible costs, while also addressing all of the industry’s problems through our own brands. With this vision in force, we will bring all of our dentists and suppliers together with our good quality products, and we will accomplish our mission of always enhancing our quality standards.